Thursday, April 16, 2009

bullets of frivolity

  • Yesterday I watched Nights at Rodanthe and Rachel Getting Married. The former was lame. The latter was excellent. And while we are talking movies, we also recently watched Slumdog Millionaire. Wow. So good and intense and good and has a happy ending, which I always like. 
  • I bought my first pair of Uggs. I got the Tall Swell Boot. They don't look so "Uggish" but they are comfy. I got them on sale too. I figured I should have some boots since I'll be living in Utah next winter where it actually snows more than once or twice a year. And it's still snowing there in April! What the heck?! 
  • Did you watch Idol last night? Doesn't Jennifer Hudson seem so nice?  And did Miley Cyrus sound kinda awful or was it just me? She looked great though. And...what do you think of the judge's saving Matt? Interesting twist. 
  • I can't believe it's already Thursday. This week is going really fast.
  • We had shrimp ramen last night with some edamame and carrots thrown in. Why is that stuff so good?
  • I've been really into graham crackers and milk lately. Such a tasty snack. Asher also ate his first graham cracker this week. He liked it. 
  • I'm really hoping there's a new Grey's Anatomy tonight. It's been too long. I need to know what's going on with Izzy.
Any of you had any frivolous thoughts lately?


  1. I love your thoughts. On the topic of "Idol" I don't think Matt was worth saving. I think we all know who will most likely win...
    I thought Miley sounded awful too. She looked beautiful, but I thought the head banging was a bit odd with the style dress.

    Also - I LOVE graham crackers and milk!!

  2. LOVED loved loved Rachel Getting Married (and also graham crackers and milk--a childhood classic).

    This week is also going way to fast considering we're leaving on Tuesday. It's freaking me out.

  3. no new greys tonight *sad face*
    next week though!!

  4. I would rather chug drain-o than listen to Miley Cyrus sing. And I am so ready for a Grey's update.

  5. I have lots of thoughts. Mostly about your recent posts. Seriously, those cherry blossoms are gorgeous. I got chills and emotional (which happens a lot lately, don't flatter yourself too much.) 2. I really think you need to take our family photos before you go. When are you moving? Hopefully not until we get back from Spain, so we can fit it in and help you move. 3. Sarah and Gary's wedding also gave me chills. I hope they paid you well my friend.