Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Remember way back in January when we tried giving Asher solids and he was less than enthused with the whole ordeal? We kept it up for a few weeks with limited success. He would swallow some of the food, but I felt like I was force feeding him. He just wasn't into it. So we gave it a rest for awhile. We gave him baby rice crackers occasionally, but he mostly just played with them. On our recent trip we let him gnaw on some crusty bread and that was the most excited about food we'd seen him. Then we gave him an orange. He liked it!

Last night I decided it was time to bust out the baby food again. (I made applesauce and pureed bananas back in January and froze them.) And what do you know, he loved it! Finally a spoonful of food was met by an open eager mouth.

He was even say "Mmm mmm" while he ate it. (Please ignore the suitcase that hasn't been put away yet.)

He gobbled down one ice cube full of food so fast I got out another and mixed it with rice cereal and he ate that up too! Of course mama's milk is still his preferred food but we are finally on our way to all sorts of culinary adventures!


  1. Good thing you explained about the suitcase in the background! I was totally going to mention it to you the next time I saw you! :)