Tuesday, February 17, 2009

baby joseph

My friend Annie gave birth to this little guy just two weeks ago. He is still in that wrinkly newborn stage that is so fun. He didn't want to stay asleep for me, but we did get some great photos. I'm going to take some more of him with his parents in a few weeks. It will be fun to see how much he changes in that time.

I love the forehead wrinkles!

He settled down for a few minutes.

And even gave me a sleepy smile.

I adore baby feet!

Joseph loves his thumb...

and his mama.


  1. These pictures are absolutely priceless!!

  2. These pictures are really phenomenal, Katrina. I am so proud of you! I am excited to see you blossom as a photographer. I love them all, but especially the middle one of Annie and Joseph--it is iconic in almost a Madonna and child way.

  3. So precious! I love that he already sucks his thumb!! Amazing. Annie will treasure these forever.

  4. beautiful photos - I especially love the one of him smiling!

  5. These are wonderful, Katrina. You are so talented. I wish I could have you come take photos of my family every week. :-)