Wednesday, January 14, 2009

future foodie

Hi. My name is Asher.

I've been very interested in food lately, so my mom and dad decided it was time to have me try some rice cereal.

I liked playing with the spoon, but that cereal stuff was kinda gross.

Note my apprehension as I eye the food.
I know you put Mama's milk in there, but I'm not convinced.

I do not think we can call that a success. Give me my mama!

Or at least let me show off my new sitting skills.

While I play with my fun ball.

I know you wish you had one. Or three.

Uh-oh! I'm going down, but I'm taking my ball with me!

Oh well. I'll just grab my toes.


  1. That's so cute. Both of my girls when I brought out rice cereal acted like I had been holding out on them the entire time. I don't blame him, I would play with those cute toes too.

  2. so fun! he really is gorgeous. that is a different bumbo tray than we can find around here. i like it.

  3. He's going to love seeing this moment in his baby life when he gets older. He has a very well-documented childhood.

  4. oh what a big boy! sitting up. Soon it will be crawling and then standing and...and I'm not sure from there.

    YES! I agree...we are kindred spirits. And of course I have read Anne of Green Gables. What kind of kindred spirit would I be if I hadn't. I'm so glad we get to be real life friends;)

  5. Too-too cute.

    I love the fact that my baby (who I think is the same age as yours?) can barely fit into his Bumbo seat, his legs are so fat.

    Chubby, I mean. CHUBBY. Sounds so much nicer.

  6. such a cute, funny post! love that first picture, haha!
    lily's dabbling in rice cereal, too. she didn't know what to do about it at first, but she loves it mixed with fruits and veggies now. so cute!

    p.s. i love the sunflower pics from utah, so pretty.

    miss you.