Tuesday, November 25, 2008

depression: pushing daisies dead

I guess rumors have been swirling for awhile now, but it was confirmed last week that ABC is not renewing Pushing Daisies. In essence it's been canceled! This is tragic! Pushing Daisies is seriously the best show on television. It is so clever and funny and unique with so much charm and wit and a fantastic cast. I am really, really sad about this. ABC what are you thinking?! Maybe if you actually promoted this show once in awhile the ratings would be better. That stupid writers strike last year is still causing damage. All the new shows last year lost their momentum.

The only good news right now is that Daisies creator Bryan Fuller told E! News that he may finish the storyline in a serious of comic books or a movie. Please, please, please let their be a movie!!! I love this show so much. I love Ned and Chuck and Olive and Emerson and the Aunts. I love the Pie Hole. And we need to know what happens to these characters. Apparently, the last episode that will air is a total cliff hanger too!

Big sigh. I hate that good shows like this get canceled. It was nominated for like 12 Emmy's! What is the deal?

Here is ABC's address if you want to complain:

500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

Here is their online comment form: http://abc.go.com/site/contactus.html

And someone even started a website to try to save Pushing Daisies where you can sign a petition. Check it out: http://savedaisies.com


  1. I am so bummed by this--I LOVE this show! Like you said, it's the only show I really think is worth watching. So fun and colorful and with a fabulous little twist on everything. And I love the witty dialogue!

  2. Katrina, hey how/where do I get the application that lists the last time people post on their blogs? I saw that on one other blog and it is like the coolest thing!

  3. I've been crying about it for a freakin' week now. UNFAIR!!!

  4. Shad loves this show. He is upset that it is being canceled as well.

  5. What a Bummer! I love this show too.

  6. One of my favorites, too!!! SO SAD!!! Everyone I know is going to be totally bummed! What is the deal!?!