Monday, October 20, 2008


Here in NC, early voting is underway, so guess what we did today?

Hopped on a bus...

Met up with daddy on campus...

Did some last minute research on local candidates...

Waited in line...

And waited in line...

And waited in line (almost there!)....

And voted!!!! Notice the sticker.

Asher decided he was over it and fell asleep during his first election.
He was out by the time I got my ballot.

Now we just have to wait another two weeks for the results.

Go Vote!!!!


  1. Good job! Funny because I waited until the last possible day to register (today) because I had to get a Utah driver's license (yeah still have an Oregon license). Anyway, I wish Avery had slept through it. Nope I had to stand and bounce her while I took the stupid written test (I can't believe they make you do that), while all of these 16 year-olds around me gave me dirty looks for having a noisy baby. I can't believe I passed it. Anyway, its my fault for waiting this long. Bad news is that now I can't vote early. That's OK though I kind of like the election day drama. Hopefully I don't have to bring the baby though. Sorry for a really long comment all about myself. sheesh.

  2. It is so crazy to me the way voting works. You have to spend hours in line for the pleasure of voting. I love Oregon since all of our voting is by mail. Hopefully someday our country will figure out online voting.

  3. Yes! Get out there and vote. . . for McCain! :)