Thursday, October 16, 2008

utah day 4: blessing day!

Finally the reason for our trip--Asher's Blessing! We decided to bless Asher in Utah because we have so much family there and the family that doesn't live there, can get to Utah much easier than NC. Jared's Uncle Scott and Aunt Angelle were gracious enough to let us have the blessing in their home. Sadly, it was a rainy, cloudy, cold day, so we didn't get to take pictures outside. Hence, we didn't get great pictures. In fact, I am going to squeeze Asher back into his blessing outfit and take some pictures of him.

Family Picture

I'm sad this was the best picture of us with Asher. I wish we had taken the time to get a better one.

Asher was cuddled by lots of family.

Asher and his Great-Grandma Carla from Minnesota.

Four Generations-- My dad, my dad's mom, Asher and me

Asher and Great-Grandpa George

Asher and Great-Grandma Teddy

Another four generations-- Grandma Teddy, Grandpa George, Asher, me, my mom

Asher with Aunt "Jello" (Jared's Aunt Angelle)

Asher gets a smooch from Grandma Sue

Asher was being wiggly with Aunt Lauren

And very chill with Aunt Hilary

We were also lucky to have some of my wonderful college friends come!

Rachel is married to Jared's cousin and had her baby Caden the same day as Asher. In fact, they were born just 40 minutes apart! Rachel and Spencer surprised everyone and drove from Colorado for the weekend!

Of course we had to get the boys to pose for some photos.

Asher got more cuddles from 'Auntie' Jennifer and 'Auntie' Liz

All in all, it was a lovely day! Thank you to everyone who came!!!


  1. Whoa girl, I can't keep up with all this posting to leave a comment. Looks like you had some serious fun while you were out here! And looks like Asher's blessing day was wonderful! Darn he's cute. Thanks for letting me hold him while you were here!

  2. Thank you for writing your pic descriptions ABOVE the picture and not below it like so many other people.

  3. It was a lovely day! Love the pix! Love you all more!