Friday, October 10, 2008

utah day 1: u of u

We spent a couple hours at the University of Utah while Jared met with people there about teaching next year. My parents both graduated from the U and had quite a lot of fun at the bookstore loading up on Ute goods. They got Asher a onesie and sweatshirt and Jared a sweatshirt (he graduated from the U too). They offered to get me and my sister something also to which I replied, "We did not go to school here, remember? We went to BYU!" Although I don't buy into the whole rivalry thing seeing as I have split loyalties, I still would feel silly wearing a U of U shirt. If Jared ends up working there, I'll reconsider.

Check out all that red!

We enjoyed the gorgeous day and hung out on the lawn while we waited for Jared.

This photo of my beautiful sister was not planned. She happened to look up and smile about something just as I snapped. I love how natural it is.

Here is my handsome dad.

Shortly after I took these, Asher had his first major blowout--as in not only did it go through his clothes (that has happened before), but it got all over my mom's shirt. Fortunately, my suitcase was the car so she was able to change it and change Asher's clothes.

I also got to meet one of Jared's favorite professors from his undergrad days. I should have taken a picture of them. Oh well. I'm sure we'll see her again once we are back in Utah.

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