Monday, October 27, 2008

adventures in cloth diapering

Hmm... that title gives off the impression that this post will be more interesting than I fear it is. Such is life. You may recall my decision during my pregnancy to use cloth diapers for Asher. We decided to get past the newborn-poop-every-time-he-eats stage, then we went out of town, and so we just actually began using cloth diapers two weeks ago. And I gotta say, it's going great! These bum genius diapers are super easy to use and the bright colors are SO fun! I sometimes feel sad putting clothes over them! We ordered 12 diapers which cost just over $200. For Asher that has been the perfect amount. We wash them every other night. The best part about these diapers is that they expand in size and so we will not have to buy anymore as he grows. Talk about a money saver!!!

The worst part: cleaning out the poop. But in another testament to the amazingness of my husband-- he freely volunteered to be in charge of the dirty diapers. As in he always rinses out the poop and washes the diapers. I do the majority of the changing and the assembly of the diapers post washing. Just another great perk to having your hubs work at home! So, in two weeks of cloth diapering, I have only rinsed out ONE poopy diaper. I'm a lucky gal. For reals. Love you, babe!

Doesn't Asher look so cute? Also, he's getting huge! These are actually from the first day, so these photos are a couple weeks old. I swear he is already bigger than this. He's wearing some 6 month size clothes!


  1. Okay, now I want a post from Jared. How bad is the rinsing? :-)

  2. Katrina is giving me a hard time because I call this stage the "Eden poops"--you know, when babies only drink the pure and natural nectar of mother's milk. It isn't until they start eating fallen food that things get interesting. ;-) But at that point we will use little inserts that make things easier.

  3. I've never seen anything like these before. They are pretty cute and practical, too bad both my kids are potty trained. (I can't believe I just said that)

  4. I was going to mention the inserts, but it looks like Jared is hip to them already :) For those that don't know, you can buy something akin to toilet paper that you put in them. It catches 80% of the mess, and you can just flush it. It basically negates the need for the really gross part of rinsing and makes things so much easier. I love cloth diapers!

  5. i've been chewing on cloth diapers
    these past couple weeks : ) stephen
    needs a little more convincing. i'm
    sort of disappointed he didn't jump
    right on board, he's been paying the
    bills with people's bodily functions
    for almost 4 years : ) a 30-44 pack
    of diapers at krogers is running $15
    right now. i can't figure out why we
    would not go the cloth route??

  6. Wow, Asher really hasn't gotten huge. And might I add that green may be his color? Adorable.

  7. I've been wondering about this! Thanks for sharing. I would consider it next time around if its not that bad. I'd have to hear/see tons of details though before I put forth the $. There's probably a video on youtube. What do you do when you're in public? Put it in a plastic bag?