Tuesday, September 23, 2008

cry baby

Yesterday, while I was playing with my camera shortly after it arrived, Asher was hanging out with me on my bed. I started snapping some photos of him.
At first he seemed a bit intrigued by the big black camera, if somewhat concerned.

The concern is increasing.
"Why aren't you picking me up, Mama?"
The whimpering begins.
"Mama, I really want you to pick me up."


"What is taking you so long?!"

"Look at this sad little pout. Don't you feel bad for me?"

"I really don't want to lay here anymore."

"The pouty face didn't work. Now I'm really mad!"

"I've had enough!"

Now lest you think me cruel, this whole interaction lasted about a minute and then I rescued him. As soon as I picked him up he was fine.


  1. so does he look a lot like you as a baby? He looks like he's got the red hair...I'm trying to remember if that's how Nicky or Hilary looked when they were little!

  2. I have some baby pics I want to scan and put up for comparison. There are definitely some similarities--Especially his face shape. As for the hair--in the sun it has a bit of red to it, but its definitely not my color. It's light brown right now. We aren't sure whether it will go lighter like my brothers or darker like Jared's.

  3. Awesome. And your pics are beautiful. How fun that you caught all of that!

  4. that cycle looks oddly familiar!

    and my baby pretty much likes to be held ALL the time too. It's the curse of the firstborns, they get all the luxury of mom's undivided attention.

  5. Oh gosh that pouty face is ADORABLE!

  6. I wish I would have gotten more picture of Peanut crying when she was little. I have a ton of when she's older because I think it's important to document the good and the bad.