Friday, July 11, 2008

summer tv

Remember back in the day when all that was on TV in the summer were reruns? Well, isn't it nice that these days we get so much more to choose from? Like reality tv shows. I'd like to share with you my favorites.

So You Think You Can Dance

This show is awesome. I have watched it the past three years and the dancers and choreography just keep getting better. It's from the same producer as American Idol, but the show is set up much smarter. To go from 20 to 10 dancers, viewers call in for their favorites, but then the judges get to pick one girl and one guy to go home out of the bottom 6 dancers (3 couples). This assures that the really good dancers stay in at least until the top 10 and don't go home due to ignorant viewers. Once it gets to the top 10 then only the viewers decide. The show airs on Fox on Wednesday and Thursday nights. We are just barely at the top ten now. I highly recommend checking it out. There are some seriously talented dancers on the show this year, but our favorite to win is probably Will.

The Next Food Network Star

This show has been on for several years and I've never watched it, but this year I happen to know one of the contestants--Kelsey Nixon. Kelsey was a year or so behind me in my Broadcast Journalism program at BYU, and I actually helped her produce and edit some of the first episodes of her cooking show--Kelsey's Kitchen. It aired locally on Provo Cable. It was a really fun project and a great learning experience for all of us. Kelsey is SO driven and focused. She is also extremely nice and fun and just plain adorable. After she graduated from BYU she went to culinary school and now she's on the Food Network! It has been really fun watching her. She has made it to the top 4, and I'm hoping she makes it all the way. The show airs on Food Network on Sunday nights at 10 pm eastern. Check it out! Also here is a link to where you can vote for fan favorite. Go vote for Kelsey so she can win some cool prizes.
Now it's your turn... any favorite summer tv? Or are you too busy with fun summer activities to watch this time of year?


  1. I voted for Kelsey, even though I haven't seen the show :) I wish I had the Food Network. And TLC and Discovery. Those 3 channels are my faves!! SYTYCD is the ONLY summer TV show I watch b/c we don't have cable and as you know I am a BIG FAN!!! I think Chelsie and Mark are really cute!

  2. Oh I LOVE so you think you can dance! I try to catch it every week. I like Twitch. Also I can't stand the judge Mary! We only have like 5 channels so we don't watch much else. I really miss the food network though.

  3. I've only seen one episode, but I didn't know she was Mormon!! I saw the one where she guest hosted on Rachel Ray's show. I was a little sad for her that she didn't seem to do so well because I thought she was a cutie. Now I'm going to have to watch!

  4. Oh, I LOVE love love LOVE So You Think. I haven't missed an episode favs are Kherrington, Will, Twitch and Chelsie (man alive, that girl has LEGS!). What did you think about Comfort being voted off? I kinda wanted to see her dance with Will, just to see if it would make a difference. And yeah, I mute Mary Murphy half the time because she's screaming. I think they put something in her drink ;)

    Another summer favourite is Last Comic Standing. (Thurs 8-11) They're at the point where its 10 comics left and they're all living together. We were so happy last night because our least favourite 2 were voted off. YAY! lol.

  5. how is your little asher doing
    today? i have been praying for
    you two whenever i think of you.
    hope all is well. these last few
    days/weeks must be the best and
    the worst all at once. haha.

  6. I have been enjoying the Next Food Network star. I haven't seen earlier seasons either, but Fiona saw a preview for it and insisted we tape it. Funny thing is, I am the one who loves to watch it.

  7. Love Love LOVE dancing with the stars. We are avid watchers, and I do think Will will most likely go all the way...he has a major advantage with Miss Debbie Allen on his side:)

    Wasn't Kelsey a cougarette? Yeah, my bro took her out a couple times. Funny...good for her!

  8. i totally have a crush on will. don't tell my husband...