Thursday, July 24, 2008

I fully plan on writing all about the birth, but right now I'm just gonna do a quick update. I was discharged from the hospital yesterday, but unfortunately Asher is still there. He's very healthy but his bilirubin levels have been high so he's been hanging out under the lights since yesterday afternoon. We hoped he'd be able to go home today but his levels are still high, so we hope, hope, hope he'll be coming home tomorrow.

It is SO hard to leave the hospital without a baby. And what's really hard too is that he has to be in the nursery under the lights, so I only get to be with him to feed him. The only comfort is that he's been sleeping really well. I can hardly get him to wake up to eat. When he does wake up he's been nursing well though, and I certainly have plenty of milk. I've had to start pumping today since I'm producing more than he's eating right now.

So say a little prayer for Asher that the "tanning booth" will do it's trick and he'll be able to come home tomorrow.

And now, since I know what everyone really wants are pictures, here are a few.

This is what he mostly does right now.

Asher snuggling up to Daddy.

Here I am on Tuesday no longer looking like death.
It's amazing what a shower and a bit of makeup can do.

My mom got here Tuesday afternoon.
She's rather squinty but Asher looks so cute here.


  1. I'm so sorry you have to leave him at the hospital :(

    He is so cute. He looks like he's smiling in the last picture.
    I guess it's too early to tell, but I swear in that last picture he looks a lot like you.

  2. Ad aura bull!
    I hope you can bring him home soon. I am proud of you Katrina. Childbirth is hard, but you did it.

  3. Hooray for pictures! You look great and he's a doll. I'm shocked you're getting eyes-open pictures already. Zoe took a long time to open her eyes it seems and I never had a camera around when she did it.

    Isn't the first shower afterwards just heaven? I can't believe how much better it makes you fee.

    So sorry about the bilirubin levels. While we didn't have to leave Zoe, we did have to go back to the hospital three times the first week for rather traumatizing heel pricks. I'm hoping with you that he's good tomorrow! Now that your milk is in, it should help, right?

    Finally (sorry for such a long comment) I'm glad breastfeeding is going well! What a relief. Can't wait to hear all about the birth!

  4. So glad to see more pictures of your darling boy. And you look amazing. I was so puffy after Avery was born, but you don't even look like you just had a baby! I am so sorry that he had to stay under the lights. That stinks to not have him home yet. Hang in there. Oh and its great that he sleeps under the lights because lots of babies HATE them and get really crabby. What a sweet boy!

  5. WOW! He's so cute! I have been checking your blog like... hourly waiting for pics, so thanks for sending them. I'm sorry Asher is still in the tanning bed. Tell him this is his only chance to do that. When he's older (like in his 20s), "Island Tan" is a place he won't be allowed to enter w/o getting jeered.