Monday, May 19, 2008

making it real

SHIFANG, China — At the moment of greatest despair, Wang Zhijun tried to kill himself by twisting his neck against the debris.

Breathing had become harder as day turned to night. The chunks of brick and concrete that had buried him and his wife were pressing tighter by the hour, crushing them. Their bodies had gone numb.

Then there was the rain, sharp and cold, lashing at them through the cracks.

“I don’t think I can make it,” he told his wife, Li Wanzhi, his face just inches from hers, their arms wrapped around each other.

She sensed he was giving up. “If God wants to kill us, he would have killed us right away,” she said. “But since we’re still alive, we must be fated to live.”

And they lived. They were pulled from the rubble of their collapsed six-story workers’ dormitory 28 hours after last Monday’s earthquake, spared the end met by at least 32,000 others....

"In Rubble, Couple Clung to Each Other, and to Life", By Edward Wong, New York Times

This is an amazing story of a husband and wife who survived the earthquake in China. It really makes it real. This is definitely worth five minutes of your time.


  1. Thanks for sharing -- it really does humanize the whole experience to read such an intimate account like this. So touching.

  2. Wow. I'm going to give my family members BIG hugs tonight.