Wednesday, April 9, 2008

wow, this is my life?

Do you ever have moments where you can't really believe your own life? Or you feel like some sort of an observer to your own life? Am I making any sense?

The other day I woke up and looked over at my still sleeping husband and was semi-shocked to find that I live and sleep with a boy. That I really am married. That all those girl-hood daydreams of falling in love and the like really did finally happen.

And then I felt the other boy in my life stirrin' around in my tummy, and I realized that I live with TWO boys! Not only did the girl-hood dream of marriage actually happen, but I'm having a baby too! Wow!

Life is pretty crazy. And wonderful.

Today I walked by a glass door and caught my reflection and was semi-shocked once again to see a visibly pregnant girl. This baby is a growin' and therefore so am I!

Life really is a miracle.


  1. i can definitely relate. and isn't it wonderful to wake up and realize you're living the dream? :)

    also, you're adorable.

    that is all.

  2. I'm sure most women can relate. It's crazy. I still have moments like that where I stop dead in my tracks and with great shock realize I'm the mommy. Me. The responsibility is 100% on me. Crazy.

    Your belly is so dang cute.

  3. YES I have had those moments. Pretty cool I think!

  4. "Am I making any sense?"

    I'm voting YES. Yay for being happy with where life has taken you. :>

  5. You make perfect sense, my dear...and yes, I know the feeling. It is a lovely way to wake up: "Who is this handsome man sharing my bed?"
    Love makes life delightful.

  6. everyone needs days like that. they are the best kind. so happy for you katrines!

  7. What a lovely post, Kartina. You are living a pretty special life - so glad you are happy with it. I have a pretty good life too!! TAke care - Kellan

  8. boy, oh boy, do i love reading your blog. keep your posts coming my dear. i love reading them. and you're so cute pregnant.

    p.s. i'm going to be in greensboro april 26-27. how far away is that from you?

  9. This post touches me so deeply... I especially appreciate this good dream, having had others. And doesn't everyone agree that "husband" and "wife" are two of the most beautiful words in the English language? My heart gasps when I read that I am the boy described in this post.
    And Tracy, Greensboro is an hour away from us. I have an uncle who lives there.