Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Isaac update

Isaac just went to the hematologist and the diagnosis is for sure ITP. Such a relief. They aren't going to even treat him because in most cases the platelet levels will normalize on their own. He's not currently bleeding and since he's old enough to be careful, they are just going to keep on eye on things and see if he gets better on his own. The common treatment is steroids which have their own set of side effects, so they are going to try this first. He will just have to be really careful that he doesn't hit his head or get injured because he could bleed a lot. The school will have to be notified, and he probably won't be doing any fun playing or recess for awhile. But this is such a relief! We are so grateful it's not anything more serious and hopefully Isaac will be better soon. Thank you so much for your prayers! He still needs them.


  1. I've never even heard of this! Issac certainly will be in my prayers. Did they eliminate hemophilia as one of the possible problems? I'll send any extra platelets his way :)

  2. What a relief! I'm so sorry to hear this is going on, poor little guy. We will definitely pray for him.

  3. I'm glad everything will be okay!

    Love you.