Friday, April 18, 2008

and they all fall down

This election season started out so fun. It felt different. More energized. People were getting excited about politics instead of just annoyed by politicians. Well, I'm sad to say that we are back to square one. At least I am. I'm not excited anymore. I'm sick of it all. The Republican race ended so anti-climatically with McCain the presumptive nominee. And the Democrats... well they've gone and made the chances of a Democratic president getting elected MUCH harder by how long this fight between Clinton and Obama has drawn out. Neither of them look so good anymore. I feel like they've divided their party almost irreparably. I'm not a Democrat, but here's hoping that the party will put itself back together again for the sake of their nominee.

I guess I'm just disappointed because I had high hopes for our next president. And now I'm left feeling more confused about who I want in that position than I did when there were 3 times as many candidates still in the race. Wouldn't it be nice to really LOVE a candidate enough to be active in the campaign and feel like you are making a difference? I don't know that that will ever happen for me. I'm too much of an Independent I guess to ever really agree with any one candidate in our polarized two-party system.

It's most likely going to come down to Obama and McCain. And while I was once quite excited by Obama, his shininess has become tarnished by this process. As for McCain... I respect him and actually would have preferred him over George W. 8 years ago, but now I don't know. He seems to be subscribing to too many of the Bush policies.

We shall see how this pans out. It's hard to believe that North Carolina's primary on May 6th will actually count for something. While that is fun, I also think this drawn out primary season has just gone on too long. I think next time around, there will be some major reconsideration of the way primaries are executed.

Here's an op-ed from the New York Times: How Obama Fell to Earth

Does anyone else feel let down after starting out with such high hopes?


  1. The initial excitement has worn off for me too, but I can't say that I'm disillusioned by the process. I agree that McCain is not as different from Bush et al as the right would make him out to be. And, yes, the race between Clinton and Obama has been drawn out.

    But that's actually kind of cool, I think. Usually the late primaries and the party conventions are just formalities to endorse whoever had the most money or the most ties to industry, etc. This time it seems there is actually a race that is in some way based on ideas (not to say that money and influence isn't still playing a huge part). Sure, Obama isn't the shiny unknown quantity he once was, but that was bound to happen anyway and I still like his platform despite the inevitable reality check that he is indeed human and a politician. It may hurt the Dem's chances of winning in the generals, but at least we are seeing democracy happen on some small scale--unless, of course, the super delegates end up tipping this thing toward Clinton, but that's a whole different comment.

  2. I agree with Rachel. I'm not a fan of McCain, but it's interesting to see how we don't neccessarily have a clear Dem. nominee...usually everything is decided so early on. For instance, I remember grumbling to Neil about the fact that nobody would care by the time our primary rolled around, since Super Tuesday was months previous--and yet with the tight Dem. race, Obama, Bill, and Chelsea Clinton have all visited our town in the last two weeks. Pretty cool, says I.

  3. I was all hyped up as well back in the day - but i must say i would rather see McCain then a lot of others that were running. That was the hardest thing for me this time is how i just didn't feel like anyone really represented me and what i want to see accomplished in the next four years.

    The Democrats are just annoying - it is getting petty and the issues have been lost. How long did they attack each other on wed - the issues weren't even addressed until the second half when the personal slams should have been about 20 mins of the whole debate not the initial focus. I must admit that i would prefer Hillary to Obama but mainly because McCain can beat Hillary. Obama is too good looking - as sad as this is it seems to be a big pull now with races like this – look at the past. That is how he truly differs from Hillary - they don't seem much different when the true politics come up they just deliver things so differently. I was saying at the beginning that i kind of liked him, but as i read the bullet points of his approach to things - i just don't agree. So that is my two cents sorry if i offend –

    Politics are politics and we can all hope for this country that we find someone who will address issues instead of worrying about the next election – I am ready for someone to make a difference during these 4 years maybe even step out of the box. These years are going to be hard no matter the outcome of the election or your party. The economy is dropping and there really isn’t any stopping but there are ways to slow it – the fact is we were too sky high to maintain – but we need someone who will accept this and address the issue and attack it with understanding, skill and free of denial.

  4. I think the problem is that it is too much for too long - this election is different than those in years pasts and it is too long - we are bound to see and hear so many things over that amount of time. It will all work out!

    Take care- Kellan

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