Wednesday, March 5, 2008

photo updates

Here is the latest photo update of my growing bump. It definitely looks bigger than it did a couple weeks ago. But from straight on I still don't really look that pregnant. I'm starting to feel like it more and more though. This morning I woke up to Baby Asher punching me or head butting me or something. It was the strongest I had felt it yet. I love it!

And remember a couple weeks ago I said I got something fun at Costco? Well I finally got around to getting a photo for you all to see. Check out our new dishes!

We both LOVE them! We actually never got dishes for our wedding. Most people gave us money/gift certificates and then I couldn't decide what I wanted. So we've been using totally mismatched dishes for the past year! Well, we were walking out of Costco and both of us stopped in our tracks when we saw these. We loved both colors so we got a set of each! I am especially picky about bowls, and these are the perfect shape and size. So fun!


  1. Oh your belly is so cute! And I'm so excited that you're having a boy! A girl would be just as exciting though, lol.

    I really really really love those dishes. My husband and I love blue/green and brown combos. So cool.

    Oh and my shirt is from WalMart!! I never buy clothes from WalMart (I don't even look) but I saw that on the aisle and tossed it in my cart without thinking, lol. It was only 7 bucks.

  2. cute bump!
    cute dishes. I have a tremendous weakness for dishes -- it's just so fun to set a pretty table or present a heap of chocolate chippers on a cheerful polka-dotted plate!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! Where have I been? How did I miss that you are having a boy. Congratulations! I am so excited for you! What a cute name too. I wish we could come up with a name. Well you look gorgeous. And so are your dishes;).

  4. You look beautiful pregnant - you are beautiful anyways!! I'm glad you are doing so well!!

    I love those dishes too - very nice.

    And, thanks for the prayers for our baby - we hare hoping for the best, obviously, and we appreciate all the prayers! See you soon. Kellan

  5. EWWW. Love them both, especially the blue/brown. You look cute.

  6. You are such a cute little pregnant girl. Consider youself very, very lucky. Some of us look like elephants.

    I love your plates. I'm on the lookout too - I need some like that with white on the inside or something. I don't like my food to clash with the plate. I'm a weirdo, right?

  7. You are looking really good! I understand wanting to LOOK pregnant want people to know and not have to wonder if you are just getting a little chubby, but from my stand point, you are looking great!

    Also, CONGRATS...on the boy! It's about time that someone i know have a boy! It seems like everyone is having girls right now. I love having a boy and love that all the rest of our kids will have a big brother! Doesn't everyone need a big brother? :)

    I am also in LOVE with your dishes! Great find!

  8. Congrats Katrina, you look great!

  9. You are such a cute little pregnant girl! And your dishes are adorable- but then again, you always did have good taste with that kind of stuff :)