Monday, March 3, 2008


On Saturday our church had a talent exhibition. They called it "A Night at the MET--Mormons Exhibiting their Talents". The first part of the program was in the chapel and performers did Church and classical music numbers. I was quite impressed with some of the talent. Then there was an intermission and in half of the gym was a visual arts display--paintings, photography, that kind of thing. Then the last part of the program was in the other half of the gym and was all secular music. This one little boy totally blew us all away singing. He was probably 8 years old and had this fantastic voice. It was a really fun night. And I even decided to participate by displaying a few photographs. These have all made appearances before around here, but for all you new readers, I thought I'd post them again anyway.

New Mexico Wild Flowers, August 2007

Pioneer Day Grace, Utah, July 2007

Utah Mountains, July 2007

Jared in dry creek bed, North Carolina, October 2007

North Carolina Woods, October 2007

At the risk of tooting my own horn a little, I have to share something that totally made my night. After the program, Jared and I gathered up my photos to take home and were walking out of the gym when this man stopped us. He said, "Oh I haven't seen these yet. Will you show them to me?" Of course I did and he wanted me to explain each photo--where I took it, etc. He was really complimentary. Turns out he is a professional photographer. He has done some workshops and such for different things. It really made me feel good to have someone who knows what they are talking about compliment my photos. Because I am FAR from a professional. I've taken all of one photography class 4 years ago and don't even have a nice camera. I have so much to learn. It felt so good to be validated like that by someone who knows his stuff.


  1. Well I think they look amazing too! I love the one of Grace especially. Sounds like you have a talented ward. You fit right in!

    Is your ultrasound this week???

  2. Those are amazing Katrina!! I love the little girl - WOW - that one is my favorite! You are very talented and should be very proud of these really beautiful pictures. Have a good day and I'll see you soon. Kellan

  3. i love that picture of grace...she is so beautiful! and i love the expression you captured on her face.

    don't you just love taking pictures? our ward always does a digital photography enrichment class in summer, and i've never been able to do it before (it's a three hours a week 6-week commitment) and i am SO excited to finally be able to do it this summer!

  4. just love that picture of grace. you've got skillz, girl!

  5. I got to see the exhibition and these were my thoughts in the order that I had them.
    1. Wow! That photograph is AWESOME! (The one I noticed first was the one of Grace.)
    2. Hey, that girl looks kind of familiar.
    3. Oh! These are Katrina's pictures!

  6. Those are really beautiful Katrina - you obviously have a talent for photography. Wait til you get a nice camera!

  7. Just lovely, dear. Today's your big day!! Can't wait to know what flavo you're growing in your belly :)

    When you get your fancy camera, you're going to knock all our socks off with your photog skills! such a neat talent.

  8. What a great idea-the MET. I love it. I'm going to store that in my mind. Its fun to see your photos gathered up into one display. How awesome to get compliments from a professional!