Thursday, February 7, 2008

no more mitt

Romney is out. Or technically has "suspended his campaign" meaning he will still hold on to his delegates in case something crazy goes down. I feel a little sad. Mostly because I really do think Mitt Romney is a good guy with good intentions. But somehow, even with all the money, things just haven't gone his way. Somehow people never really got him. Somehow he wasn't able to be himself. I don't think he connected with people. He just didn't quite seem genuine, even though I really think he is. And that makes me sad. So many people disagree with McCain, but at least we really know who is. Somehow who Mitt Romney is didn't seem to get through to people. Plus there were circumstances outside his control that worked against him. And that's the way politics go. It's a strange, strange game. I think Mitt stepping out of it today was the smart thing to do. We'll see how long it takes Huckabee to do the same. Oh yeah, and that Ron Paul guy too.


  1. i agree that it was probably the right call to make--and i must saw, i feel awfully sorry for him having poured in a good $35 million of his own money into this campaign. hopefully he is seeing all of the positive things that resulted, not the least of which is more people being curious about what those mormons really DO believe. I think, as you say, that it's too bad the "real" Romney didn't really come through. He started to get there at the end, but at that point it was, well, the end.

    but nonetheless, this leaves me depressed. i spent a couple hours today reading up on McCain's history...ergh. Just not really happy with how the Republican side of things this election has played out--the Dems are looking better and better.

  2. I know, bummer huh? The country won't know what it missed.