Tuesday, February 19, 2008

movies we've watched lately

We love us some Netflix in our house, and I thought I'd give you my take on our last few DVD selections.

We really liked this one. It's trippy and weird but has a cool Moulin Rouge-esque thing about it. And it's a musical using all Beatles songs! What is not to love about that?
It was funny cause several times throughout the movie Jared would ask me, "Now that's not a Beatles song is it?" And I'd say, "Yes! They are ALL Beatles songs!" It took him a while to catch on to that. :-)
Love you honey!

Although I do think the movie poster is rather cool, I did not much like this movie. It's a thriller so it was cool trying to figure stuff out, but it left me feeling depressed and not in a good way. The basic premise is a woman's husband is killed in a car accident but she lives the days of the week it happens out of order, so she knows he is dead but then wakes up and it's two days earlier and he's not dead and then it's two days later and it's his funeral, etc.

I quite liked this one. It moves a bit slowly but it's a really sweet story about a widower who decides to adopt an eccentric little boy that happens to think he's from Mars. The best part is that it is based on a true story. Also, it has Amanda Peet in a supporting role, and I have a girl crush on her.

Jared put this on our queue and when it arrived I wasn't all that excited about watching it. It's long and I had heard it moves pretty slowly. So I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed it. It is long and it doesn't have the usual arc and climax of most stories, but I was never bored once. It is based on the true story about a serial killer who called himself Zodiac. The three main characters are a reporter (Robert Downey, Jr.), a cartoonist who went on to write a book about the case (Jake Gyllenhaal), and a detective (Mark Ruffalo). Great acting all around and a very intriguing story.

What movies have you watched lately?


  1. hooray for movie reviews! "zodiac" was indeed VERY long (i remember thinking several times during the movie, "um, is it the end yet?") but decent. not my favorite, but i liked it enough. now i need to add "across the universe" to my netflix queue.

    david and i finally watched "in america," which i highly recommend. i've been wanting to see it since i saw the previews years ago. it was worth the wait.

    other recent films include "henry v" (love love love kenneth branagh), "the gods must be crazy 2" (surprisingly good!), and part of the BBC "pride and prejudice" (i just can't get behind the idea of collin firth as darcy, but david insists it's far and away the best p&p ever).

    and, at the risk of making this the longest comment in the history of blogs, does anyone else find it hilarious and awesome that my husband has seen "pride and prejudice" in its various forms and likes it well enough to form opinions on which version is best?

  2. Hmmm, I haven't seen any of those...but I did watch Reign Over Me this weekend and loved it. It's quite a heart-wrencher, but I really enjoyed it.

  3. Jen, that is great about your husband and P&P. Makes me chuckle. I enjoy the BBC version mostly because it is pretty much the book exactly. I just watched it again a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. Then watched the Keira Knightly version right after. Love that one too. I do like most of the casting much better in the new one. Except for Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. I just love them in the BBC version. Especially the dad.

    And "In America" is really good. I watched that for the first time a few months ago.

  4. I haven't seen any of these movies - thanks for the reviews. The only one I've seen lately was Hairspray and I really liked it - silly, but cute. Take care and have a good day. Kellan

  5. oh, p&p. I must comment. first of all, I love the BBC version because it's the full thing (like watching kenneth branagh's amazing hamlet vs. mel gibson's "let's edit out the story" version), but i think that the keira knightley version is probably much more accurate. i love the fact that you really can see the bennets' lower social circumstances as opposed to that of bingley. that's neil's fave too. oh, and jen, yes, it is quite funny that david likes those. good man. i hope he likes GWTW too, which neil abhors.

    movies i've seen lately? south pacific. don't recommend it...neil and i started watching it at 6:30 pm and were both asleep within 15 minutes. sad. waitress--also don't recommend it. couldn't get past the whole having-an-affair-with-the-married-OB thing. yuck.

    movies i am looking forward to seeing: becoming jane and the new one about queen elizabeth. I saw the original one clean flicked and it was probably one of the best films i've ever seen.

    speaking of austen, i think i am going to go read austenland now, which i also recommend as good chick lit. hurrah for mormon authors who love jane austen. and also, i just love shannon hale. she is so fun.

  6. ooooh, I've wanted to see Across the Universe and Martian Boy forever - now I just want to see them more!

    The Kiera Knightley version of P&P is one of my alltime favourite movies, hands down.

    And like Rachael, I've been dying to see Becoming Jane and Queen Elizabeth: The Golden Age (although I've heard that QE:TGA isn't very good at all)...as well as the new one not even out yet - The Other Bolyen Girl. Can't wait!

  7. I haven't seen any lately but a couple of blog friends have watched The Jane Austin one and liked it a lot. Thanks for the recommendations though.

  8. Katrina! Glad you found me. Who'd have thought we'd both end up in the mid-Atlantic south?!

    Hope all is well. Thanks for your note.

  9. I agree about Premonition! I was totally bummed by the ending...lame.