Sunday, February 10, 2008

11 months married and a tag

One more month until our first anniversary! Time really does fly when you are having fun, doesn't it? I thought today would be a good time to do this tag from Autumn.

How long have you and your significant other been together?

We’ve been married 11 months! We knew each other about 8 months before we got married. A bit fast, I know.

Who eats more?
Jared most of the time, but pregnancy has definitely allowed me to catch up to him sometimes. I am definitely eating more often, but he can still usually eat more during one meal.

Who said I love you first?
Jared did.

Who is taller?
Oh, he’s got a good 9 inches on me.

Who sings better?
I suppose me. I’ve had much more training, but Jared really does have a nice voice.

Who is smarter?
Well, Jared is definitely smarter in many ways. He’s very brilliant. But I have more practical smarts… like a good sense of direction. Jared is hopeless in that area. Seriously hopeless.

Who does the laundry?
Lately, Jared has been doing the laundry since he works at home and I don’t. But we both fold.

Who does the dishes?
We both do.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
I sleep on the right side if one is laying down in bed. We’ve switched a couple times but we always go back.

Who pays the bills?
Mostly Jared.

Who mows the lawn?
We don’t have a lawn.

Who cooks dinner?
It’s probably Jared 70% of the time. He’s a fantastic cook!

Who drives when you are together?
Neither of us love driving, but I tolerate it more than he does. So we split driving duties.

Who is more stubborn?
Hmm…probably Jared.

Who is the first to admit when they're wrong?
I think we are both good about this.

Whose parents do you see the most?
We definitely have spent much more time with my parents, but the frequency is probably about equal.

Who kissed who first?
It was a fairly mutual if I do recall.

Who proposed?
Jared, of course, although I certainly knew it was coming.

Who is more sensitive?
We are both sensitive in our ways.

Who has more friends?

Who has more siblings?
I have 4 and Jared has 3.

Who wears the pants in the family?
This is a funny question. I’d say we share the pants.


  1. Fun facts! Happy almost anniversary. We just celebrated 11 years in October.

  2. love the tag! but you didn't list who YOU are tagging...

    Oh, and can I just tell you how much I LOVED when I was pregnant! It is seriously the best site and now that Emmy is here, it still gives the best info on her development! So, make sure you update it when your little one comes. YAY for babies!!!

  3. "a bit fast." you are funny, says the girl who knew her husband for 4 weeks before they got engaged...

    and thanks for the reminder to do autumn's tag! :-)

  4. I just loved getting to know a little bit more about you!

    When is your anniversary? We're coming up on eight years (that makes me feel unbelievably old). Sounds like we got married around the same time of year. We also knew each other for about 8 months before tieing the knot. Great minds think alike, right?

  5. I'm sorry I'm illiterate. You can pretend that you don't know me.



  6. Thanks for this post angel! I loved seeing your take on our marriage. I have never been happy. I know more words than most, but thank you for teaching me the meaning of joy, fun, and love. Cheesy, but sincere. ;-)

  7. Happier, I mean, of course. Though given my life... :-)

  8. Katrina...First of all...I miss reading your blog on a regular basis! Only 3 more weeks until I have an up and running internet connection. I hope I can last that long!

    Second of all...I am so happy and excited for you and Jared and your exciting baby news! So amazing. I love reading your updates.

    Third of all...happy birthday and happy almost 1 year anniversary.

  9. Thanks for playing along. I love these.