Thursday, January 31, 2008

bountiful birthday

Tuesday was my 25th Birthday. And it was wonderful! Here's why:

First, I got flowers from my parents. Then about 15 minutes later, flowers from my darling husband arrived. The bouquet from my parents is lilies and irises that need to bloom still. I am sure they will be gorgeous! Jared got me a potted orchid, which will be so fun to have for months to come.

Second, my sweet co-worker/supervisor Darlene made me a cake! It was chocolate and delicious and a group of us at work enjoyed in immensely.

Third, I got new scriptures! I have had the same set of scriptures since I was 8 years old! They went through seminary and BYU religion classes with me and it was time for some new ones. I've really wanted a compact quad with the snap cover, but for the past few years, the Church stopped making them. Then this fall they brought them back! It will be so nice to take a smaller set to church.

Fourth, Jared made me a beautiful card. For special occasions he draws a card and then writes beautiful things inside.

Fifth, we went out to eat at PF Changs. It was very, very yummy. We even got the Great Wall of Chocolate, which we haven't finished yet.

Sixth, I got my engagement and wedding rings cleaned and re-rhodiumed. They look like new again!

Seventh, we went over to the mall and ran a few errands, and then Jared indulged me while I wondered around a bit. I bought some cute black maternity capris on sale that will be great to wear to work when it gets warmer.

Eighth, my wonderful Iverson girls left me birthday messages on our blog. And I got several emails and facebook messages as well from far away friends.

Ninth, I also got really nice phone messages from several friends and family. And I got to talk to my dear friend Afton with whom I've been playing phone tag for months. She just had her second baby and it was so fun to talk about baby and pregnancy stuff.

Tenth, my dad deposited a very generous birthday gift into my bank account! It's going to go towards my camera purchase. Thanks, Dad!

I felt so very loved. Thank you to everyone for helping make my birthday so fabulous!


  1. Well, shoot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Yeah Happy Birthday! And no...I'm pretty sure we are not grown-ups yet.

  3. Glad you had a great birthday. 25's an important one!

  4. Thanks for posting pictures! Where's the belly?

    And your ring is gorgeous! Did he pick that out?

  5. Nicki, you can't really tell it's there in that picture. We'll take some this weekend. And we picked out the rings together although he definitely had certain ideas about things. I mostly just approved.

  6. Happy birthday! What a pretty ring. Love new scriptures.

  7. What a great Birthday Katrina! Happy Birthday to you - I'm so glad it was wonderful!!!

    Have a good weekend. Kellan

  8. It sounds like you had such a great birthday! Happy "late" Birthday!

  9. I love your ring! It's linda similar to mine :). Happy birthday!

  10. I love your ring! It's linda similar to mine :). Happy birthday!