Monday, December 10, 2007

nine months

We've made it 3/4 of a year! Nine months ago today, Jared and I became Mr. and Mrs.
Since I have them so handily available on my computer here, I will subject you to a few more photos from that March day.

Speaking of nine months....

What is that stick we are so happy to be holding? Why, it's this:

That's right folks! I'm knocked up! We've known for 10 whole days, and I have been DYING to spill the beans here in blogland, but somehow managed to wait. Of course, that doesn't mean I waited to tell my family... nope, they heard the day I found out! I am six weeks pregnant and due August 3rd! It has been confirmed by the doctor and everything. Of course, there is still that chance of a miscarriage this early on, but I decided I couldn't wait until week 13 (so far away!) to share the news. I am SO excited! And I need to be able to talk about it. Luckily, I haven't really been sick yet. No throwing up anyway. Just some mild queasiness and cramps. And moderate exhaustion! I think it will be a miracle if I don't get the pukes, but here's hoping right?


  1. WAHOO!!! I'm the first who gets to say it on here-CONGRATULATIONS!!! So, your tricky title worked. I had my suspicions (I read a comment you made on Vicki's blog, you were going to call her...) and you a few other things you've said. So "nine months" definitely caught my eye. I thought you were just tricking us. You're in for a great adventure, happy times your way!!! (It is hard to keep it a secret, isn't it?)

    I love the shoe pic and am relieved to know I'm not the only one who has a missing pic icon sometimes.

    AND, I must say, I SO predicted the pregancy test picture. AH. And I'm SO disappointed because I was going to do the same WHEN I am pregnant again (I'm not pregnant now.) How did I know you would do that? I suppose I still can too.

    Anyway, CONGRATS!!!!!

  2. Hey, where did your cute bangs go? Have you decided you want to be a mama with no bangs? Pretty either way.

  3. Yay, I can finally fully congratulate you! That is so exciting. BTW, your comment that I saw was on Segullah.

  4. YAY! I love it when people are pregnant!! Congratulations!

    And it could happen--the not throwing up. I never have. Well, not never thrown up, just never in conjunction with being pregnant. (But of course, that's highly unusual.)

    Every time I've gotten pregnant I always think it would be fun to keep it a secret for a long time, but it never happens! My family asks me way too often. It's hard to lie outright. And then of course, if one person knows...everyone knows! :)

    So what are you going to have--boy or girl?

  5. congratulations!! (I'm crossing my fingers that its the most boring pregnancy in the entire world). :D:D

  6. Autumn... You can totally still do the pregnancy test picture. I've seen it at least 3 other times in the blogosphere, so I must have stolen the idea anyway. As for my bangs, I definitely still have them, I just happened to have them back in a headband that day.

    Tia... So is it bad that I totally don't remember what comment I made on Segullah?

    Kayli... That is awesome that you didn't throw up! I would love that to happen to me. But I'm not counting on.

    Her...Thanks for the congrats. I hope I have a boring pregnancy too!

  7. Oh, and Kayli... I'm only six weeks! No word yet on boy or girl. But I am hoping for a boy first.

  8. Oh Katrina! I'm so happy for you to experience the mind-blowing love that's coming your way. There is nothing in the world like having a first baby - and it's your turn!! I wonder if he'll have red hair? Wouldn't that be fantastic?

    Most people don't start getting sick until about seven weeks, but I never did! Some of us lucky girls just get to enjoy being pregnant - don't let anyone tell you it's not awesome. It's the best EVER. Now delivery on the other hand... ;)

    Gotta go switch you in my blog categories!

  9. Congrats on getting knocked-up but getting married first! It can be tough.

    Also, those are some fantastic wedding shots. I love the paintings in the background! Where were you and who was the photographer?

    If I trap someone one day it might be nice to have some references.

  10. Nicki... if I am one of the lucky ones not to get sick, I will rejoice. But somehow I just don't think that's going to be me.

    Laquina... Thanks for visiting my blog! We had our wedding reception at the University of Utah Museum of Fine Arts. The artist on display then was Brian Kershisnik. And my photographer was Daniel Vineyard of Belle Photos. His website is He is based in Provo, Utah.

  11. katrina! YAY! I am so excited for you guys!!! Seriously, that's great news! little babies are so much fun. :-)

    And I never had morning sickness either, so I'll join that bandwagon in wishing you the same. Actually, I think only about half of women get it--it's just ferocious enough that you hear a lot about it. The worst thing I had was a mad craving for citrus fruit.

  12. Wow as if wedding pictures weren't awesome enough, you're pregnant!

    My "pukes" started at 8 weeks. I thought I was getting off easy and then >WHAM< sick for two months straight.

    I LOVE your wedding dress. Holy cow it's so beautiful. I wish I could've found something like that when I got married. It looks especially amazing with your hair.

  13. holy bajoly! mazel tov, my friend! that's fantastic!

  14. Congratulations!! So fun. Being currently pregnant, I can say that while I did feel queasy if I didn't eat all the time, I never got really sick or ever threw up, so there is definitely hope.

    The exhaustion on the other I feel like I hibernated for the first three months.

  15. Oh I was so so so excited when I read your comment on my blog and you mentioned your baby because it meant that you had told the world your good news! I had to read it twice to make sure I really saw the word baby. I am just giggling as I read this post because I was just in the exact same place as you...what 14 weeks ago. It's so hard to wait to tell. Plus I really agree about needing to talk about it. Especially with your first. And we took the exact same two pictures you have on this post. We even used the same pregnancy test. Funny. OK I really really hope you don't get the pukes. But if you do, call me...I have LOTS of advice. Congratulations!

  16. oh my good gracious! CONGRATULATIONS katrina! what wonderful news. truly. i am so excited for you. you will be a wonderful mom. ah, i need to come visit now so we can buy baby clothes :) love you.

  17. Rachael... I'm so excited for own little baby. You are another lucky lady that you didn't get sick. Man, I'm going to be really annoyed with you people if I start puking my guts out soon. ;-)

    Ariana... Tricky that it didn't set in until 8 weeks. If I make it past then, I shall start to feel hopeful. And I'm glad you like my dress! I loved it. It actually had cap sleeves originally but I had the longer sleeves added. I feel like that made it more special.

    Jen... thanks for the mazel tov! That made me smile. :-)

    Rachel... Exhaustion is right! I've had a few good days where I feel almost normal but most of the time I am longing for a nap.

    Danielle... you better believe I am gonna call for advice if the pukes start. I'm SO SO glad you are feeling better now. I hope work is okay for you.

    Trace... I'll go shopping with you anytime!

  18. Woo Hoo! That is wonderful! And those are beautiful pictures and you are simply a beautiful couple - I can just imagine the precious baby you are carrying!! Take care and God Bless you and your new baby - what great news for here at Christmas time. Happy 9 months too!

  19. Congratulations! And you're a lucky lady in that you're a stepmom already, so you have some idea of what you're going to go through with the newest addition to your family (well, in a few years. Time to start taking notes!)

    Do you and Jared have any preferences for names yet?

  20. MB... Yes, we have a list of names we like. I'm sure I'll write a post about it eventually.

  21. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I'm happy for you two (three)!

  22. I haven't visited for a while! congratulations. I too wish for a puke free pregnancy. Neither of mine were and we were talking regular hospitalizations for non stop vomiting. By all means be one of those women who glow and are lovely!