Wednesday, November 14, 2007

oh fine, i'll play too

Rachael tagged me to write 7 random things about myself. Various versions of this game have been going around, but I decided I wouldn't do one unless someone tagged me by name. So here goes...

1. I've recently decided that my dream job would be to photograph children and families a la Sheye Rosemeyer. Now I just need to acquire her talent and skills.

2. I watch What Not To Wear on TLC everyday during my lunch break. I'm addicted. I love you Stacy London and Clinton Kelly! Can I have $5000 for an all new wardrobe? Pretty please?

3. I hate cleaning. Organizing I find enjoyable on occasion, but cleaning I hate to do. And yet, I really do enjoy a clean house. Although I can tolerate a not-so-clean one longer than some, because again, I hate to clean. I'm beginning to feel like I'm missing some clean gene or something. Why can't I be one of those people who must have the kitchen clean at night or they can't go to sleep? I have actually begun to wish I had more OCD tendencies, so that I would keep my house cleaner. My husband is already a better cook than I am, at least I could do the housework more frequently.

4. In 9th grade I got an excused absence from school and was paid $50 dollars to sing the National Anthem at a state teachers' conference. My one and only paid performance. Well, actually I was paid one other time to dance something from the Nutcracker for a Knights of Columbus party. I think I was 12. So that makes two paid performances.

5. I hate getting ready for bed at night. You know brushing teeth, washing face, etc. I do it, most of the time, but I never want to. I also don't enjoy flossing, but I'm getting better about that.

6. I organize the clothes in my closet by color. Jared was so amazed by this when I first moved to NC that he took a picture (see above).

7. There is a secret part of me that wants a tattoo. But only if one of the ladies from LA Ink could do it. And only if I could get rid of it in a few years when I get sick of it. So maybe I don't really want a tattoo, but I like the idea of wanting one. Makes me feel rebellious.

Vicki, Suzy, and Danielle.... you're it!


  1. Hey, I totally love to organize my closet by color too... makes it SOOOO much easier to find a particular shirt I want to wear. Miss you and love you!

  2. i love clinton. stacey, not as much. but if i ever go on "what not to wear," i will call you so you can come too.

  3. I've always wanted a tattoo!! So we'll fly to L.A. together and get them, ok? And in 20 years when we get saggy we'll go to Dr. 90210 to have them removed.

  4. When we were in a hotel for 7 weeks I too was addicted to that show. I would be SURE to be home during it if there was any chance I'd be gone, and I even watch LA Ink sometimes...I might even turn myself into Stacy & Clinton but I wouldn't want them scrutinizing me on TV. I'll wait to get the $5000 myself. Afton & Kristina also organize by color...not me. I obviously am missing the cleaning gene too-hence the request for your ideas.

  5. Jen... thanks for thinking of me. :-)

    Nicki... I'm in. When should we do it? ;-)

  6. i think if i met stacey london i would be scared...because she seems kinda mean. but i still love her and she ALWAYS looks hot! which i also love.

  7. oh shoot I am not good at these...ok I'll try.