Friday, November 9, 2007

new blog address

Dear readers,

On Monday, November 12th, I will be changing my url or web address to I have decided not to use my full name on my blog anymore and do not want to have it in my url. As I've gotten more into this blogging thing, I've realized that I want to protect my privacy a little more. That's all. Better safe than sorry, right? So for those of you who link me from your blogs, please change the url in your link by then. Thanks!

much love,



  1. will do, chica. So are you going to do anything to get a copy of your blog so you don't lose anything?

  2. you can transfer your blog without losing content? tell me how!!

    btw, thanks for giving me a little kick to actually switch mine over--i'd been thinking i needed to do it but felt like it would be a big pain, so you inspired me!

  3. I just realized your new blog is invited readers only --- I read your blog nearly every day and really enjoy it, could you add me to the list please?...thanks!

  4. It won't be private tomorrow. So just hang on till then... Thanks for reading my blog!