Sunday, October 7, 2007

one year ago

I was sorting through some pictures from last year and came across these. I took them October of last year in Salt Lake City. This is one of the first days I spent with the kids. Much has changed since then, and they have all grown so much, as is the way of children. Most especially Grace.

What were you doing one year ago?


  1. Katrina, I LOVE these collages! LOVE them. (Well, I also love the pictures!) One year ago I was spending LOTS of time inside and frantically wondering how and if I was ever going to escape with this (that) newborn.

  2. one year ago (today) i was still adjusting to living in tempe, still learning the ropes at my new job, desperately missing provo and all my friends, and crushing hardcore on a cute boy named david.

    i've been thinking along these lines for the last month or so. kind of weird how much has changed. (except that i still have a huge crush on david.)

  3. one year ago we were two days away from closing on our house!! and i was hoping desperately that i would be able to get pregnant again, since we'd been hoping for a baby for quite a few months.

  4. one year ago i was studying at the university of colorado. also, this was about the time Steve decided he was going to take a new job so I was preparing for the move to L.A!