Monday, September 17, 2007

my answer

First, I want to say I have really enjoyed reading everyone's answers to the question I posted yesterday. And I'd definitely love to hear more from those who haven't answered. (hint, hint) I love discussions! And I love hearing about all those wonderful people out there in your lives!

I think this can be a really difficult question to answer because it's so easy to see how everything good about those we love benefits us in some way. So I guess it's more about appreciating the ways we are different from each other, because it's really easy to love those things/people that are like us and harder to love and appreciate what is different unless it obviously affects us in a positive way.

If you scroll down, you will see that my darling husband posted his answer to my question. (In his first ever blog post!) And now I will try to do the same.

Jared and I do have a lot of things in common-- we love to read and eat and talk and watch movies. We share similar values and appreciate the arts. Our love languages are both words and touch. All of these things and more bind us together. I love Jared for all the ways we are alike. And of course for all things he does for me. And the fact that he's hot. And tall. And has great abs. You catch my drift. I also love him for the ways he is different and have nothing to do with me or my physical desires.

So here goes: I love the way he thinks deeply. He looks at life in a very unique way. I don't think he ever just sees the surface level. He's always looking for more. And he questions everything. I love that he doesn't take things at face value.

I love that he is a survivor. Jared has experienced more craziness and drama and tragedy in his 30 years of life than many people do in 80. And he's survived. He's learned more than one lesson the hard way, but he finds the good from it. As he says, he has a very long empathy checklist. Most of what he's experienced I can barely imagine.

I love Jared's innocence. For a man so brilliant and mature in many ways, he can also be so childlike. I love his excitement for simple pleasures. I love the way he savors his food, instead of gulping it down like I tend to do. I love how much he uses his senses and truly enjoys smells and tastes and beauty and touch.

I love Jared's optimism. For someone like him, who studies what he does and thinks the way he does and has experienced all he has, I love that he is still optimistic about the good in the world.

I love my husband very much. For these and many more reasons, lots of them selfish. But it feels good to think about the selfless reasons too. I truly am blessed to be married to this man.

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  1. Thank you so much, angel! For this question, for the post, and for all that it represents. I have never been so fully known and loved, and there is no better feeling. I am so blessed to be married to you.