Friday, September 28, 2007

mind over body, oprah, dance, movies

First of all, how crazy is this? In a study of hotel workers, 4 weeks after they were educated on how their duties counted toward their exercise needs, they saw a drop in weight and blood pressure -- despite no changes in overall activity levels!

So I can think myself slimmer? I like the sound of that!

In other crazy news, Oprah made 260 million big ones from June 2006 to June 2007! Wowza!

Anyway, aren't you glad it's Friday? After my first week as a workin' girl again, I'm SO happy it's almost the weekend! And tonight, Jared and I are going on a hot date! I'm so excited because we are going to see this...

"Asia's leading contemporary dance theatre" -- Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

Schooled in martial arts, meditation, Chinese opera movement, modern dance and ballet, Cloud Gate performs a rich repertoire rooted in Asian myths and folklore and infused with a contemporary universality.

Just one of the perks to being at a University.

Lastly I want to leave you with a couple movie recommendations to tempt you this weekend. These are two movies I've seen in the past month or so and they are both great. And definitely NOT R-rated. :-) Check 'em out:

Stardust is still in the theater in a lot of places I think. Really fun and different with a good story, good characters, a love story and adventure. Oops, I thought it was PG but it's actually PG-13. However, I do think it is appropriate for kids a little younger than that. We really liked it.

The Ultimate Gift is a rental. This one has a great message that leaves you feeling like there is good in the world and anyone is capable of change. At the beginning I thought it was a little after school specialish, but it all came together well. And this is definitely PG!

Enjoy! Hope you all have fantabulous weekends!


  1. That dance theater looks so good, I'd love to know how you liked it. Wow-go Oprah. That's incredibly impressive. (Jake told me he just heard that Seinfelt made more money with Seinfeld reruns than Simon Cowell. Not sure specifics-time periods, etc, but that surprised me.) I read that same study about thinking yourself thin. The power of thinking...

  2. Both are great movies. I definitely recommend. Stardust is probably the best thing I've seen in the theatres for a while.