Tuesday, August 21, 2007

my last new mexico post

Now that we've been back from New Mexico for more than a week, I'm finally finishing posting about it. Here are the last few little photo montages of our trip. Thanks for hanging in there!

It was really fun having the kids at my parents' house and for my family to get to know them better. They are my parents first "grandkids" afterall, but I have to say my parents made the transition to "Grandma Dawn" and "Grandpa Rod" quite well. It was also fun getting out all the toys my mom has saved (and drug across the country) for the kids to play with. Their favorites hands down were the American Girl dolls. Olivia adopted "Felicity" for the week and Isaac was obsessed with "his baby"--the American Girl Bitty Baby, which Grace stole when he wasn't around.

Silly Grace got in a battle of wills my sister Lauren while Lauren was cooking. Something about Grace wanting some food item that she was perfecting capable of getting herself but wanted Lauren to get. Lauren wouldn't do it, and Grace kept insisting she was tired. Well, maybe she was, because after 15 mintues of arguing, this is what what happened:

This is one of my parents' two dogs. I didn't get any good pictures of Kenji unfortunately. But Kao is quite the little poser isn't she? They are Sheba Inus. Very fun, independent dogs, but Kenji likes to escape and got out just about everyday we were there!

One day Jared and I got to leave the kiddies at home with my brother Nick and headed down to Santa Fe to enjoy some of the art galleries while my mom ran errands. It was fun to have an afternoon "date" and stroll this part of Santa Fe. The street is lined with art galleries. Some had some very impressive art, others were full of cliche. These pictures were snapped across the street from our favorite gallery. I loved this white picket fence and leafy green trees. And we had to take a picture of ourselves as well!

So that does it, folks! It was a fun trip full of good family time and with excellent photo documentation. Hope you enjoyed the snapshot version!

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  1. That little Grace sure does fall asleep in funny places! I look forward to talking to you soon!