Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a cheesy tale

Have you ever had a vision for a really great meal? You can picture it perfectly in your mind--what ingredients you'll need, how to prepare them, how it will look on the plate. My husband, Jared, often has such visions and last night was no different. We are still house-sitting and enjoying all the delectable foodstuffs in the pantry at our disposal, and the other day Jared found organic capellini pasta made in Italy. The creative culinary juices began flowing. His vision was this: fresh sauce made with tomatoes and spinach accented with fresh mozzarella.

Last night on our way home, we stopped in Whole Foods Market to get a few needed items, including the aforementioned fresh mozzarella. Jared found a 16 oz. package with a sign marked $3.99. Although, there were a few types of mozzarella in the area, there was only the one sign. But at the check-out, the cheese rang up as $7.99. Quite the difference! Jared questioned this, and the check-out lady made him go get proof of the $3.99 price. Well, it turned out that the $3.99 was for 8 oz. packages. On principle, we did not purchase the cheese. Why wasn't it properly labeled in the first place? And secondly, why did the check-out lady have to be so contrary? It seems to me that in these circumstances, they usually just change the price since there was confusing placement of the cheese and prices. We left Whole Foods, usually a place of pleasantness, with a bad taste in our mouths.

Jared's vision for his Italian dinner was steadfast, so we decided to stop at Target to pick up the cheese and a couple other things. We found the fresh mozzarella in the "gourmet" foods section and to our utter dismay it was $5.99 for 8 oz.!!! Oh, the irony! We had to laugh as we made our way to the back of the store where the regular dairy stuff is located, despite our disappointment. We really thought we'd be stuck with normal mozzarella. But then, to our utter joy, we found a different brand of fresh mozzarella for just $2.89 for 8 oz.!!! Vindication was ours! We bought two packages and enjoyed it immensely with our capellini and delicious whole wheat Italian bread.


  1. ooh--i hate it when clerks do things like that. we had one recently where we bought some mislabeled charcoal, and the clerk accompanied my husband back to the aisle where the charcoal was, agreed that yes, he should be given the lower price since it was posted improperly, then proceeded to rip all the signs advertising the "sale" down before turning back to give him the refund. lovely. but i'm glad your pasta was yummy!

  2. i am so very impressed, as usual, at the cooking you guys do over there. it makes me want to try a little harder. (and by 'try a little harder' i mean 'try a LOT harder'.)

    also, i wanted to thank you both for posting on my 'pearls before breakfast' blog. i was weary about posting that becuase i thought it might go un-noticed and un-read. i love that article and i have read it several times since first coming acorss it. your responses were very insightful and much appreciated. i love getting other opinions on stuff that really means something to me.


  3. oh add a song on your blog you have to find an MP3 online somewhere and then you add a page element on your blog and choose HTML/Javescript. Then just paste the URL for the MP3 (I think it has to be in something called medi format). DOes this make sense? Here is a really good help site for this kind of stuff: I hope this works for you. I am bad a giving directions. good luck!


  5. Thanks, Danielle! I will give it a try!

  6. You and Jared are cute! And can I come over for dinner sometime, 'cause your food posts make me salivate. Every time.