Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Month Married!

Tuesday was our one month anniversary. To celebrate our first month of wedded bliss we decided to go out to dinner. However, the afternoon got off to a rocky start when I left my phone on vibrate on the carpet and not hearing it, missed nine calls-- from Jared. He was calling to let me know that I could pick him up from school early. But after an hour of fruitless calls, he ended up taking the bus. He was about to get on it when I finally realized where my phone was and picked it up to check it and finally called him back. Poor Jared. :-( So by the time he got home, he was tired and kinda cranky. I felt really bad for being so neglectful.

I regained points though with the card I made Jared. I busted out my water colors and painted him a card! I didn't too shabby for my first water color in two years!

Off to dinner we went--sorta. I had really wanted to Indian food because we hadn't had it since my birthday in January. Jared looked up a restaurant that he'd been to before, but it was about a half hour away and ten minutes into the trip we had second thoughts. So we turned around and went back home to rethink our plans. We finally decided on a restaurant close to home in Carrboro--The Spotted Dog. Its a really cute little place with lots of yummy vegetarian options.

A good meal and then a fun walk through Weaver Street Market cheered us both up. We bought two delectable varieties of ice cream: chocolate gelato and organic blackberry. Back at home we settled in to watch Frequency and enjoy our ice cream.

It turned out to be a really wonderful evening with my really wonderful husband. I absolutely adore him and adore being married to him. Every day is such a joy with him. It doesn't matter what we're doing, I'm content to be doing it with him. Nothing is better than living life with your best friend, who also happens to be a boy with fantastic benefits! :-)


  1. Hello, my precious wife! It was so fun to find this post! For the record, my grouchiness had less to do with you not picking me up than my feeling overwhelmed about school and my career and such. :-)

  2. you look good in love :) i'm not sure you've ever been as lovely as you look in the pictures you've posted recently.

  3. Ah, Em.... that is so sweet! Love does do extraordinary things. I think everyone looks better in love! :-)

  4. sounds like this is a really fun place to live! and speaking of fun, i need some vegetarian dinner ideas from you--we usually try to go meatless at least three nights a week, but i need some fresh ideas if you've got any roaming around...