Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the perfect breakfast on a morning such as this

The view out my back window this morning...

It hasn't stopped snowing since this was taken either, so now there is even more snow!
On cold mornings there is nothing better than a hot breakfast and we've discovered a new one: steel cut oats! Its possible we are the last to find out about this MUCH better version of oatmeal, but its better late than never right?

I had heard mention here and there that steel cut oats were way better than rolled oats so when we picked up some bulk items at Blue Chip Group, we got some. This week we got them out and have been eating them every morning. We love them!!! The texture is so much better than rolled oatmeal. The only downside is that they do take longer to cook.

For those new to steel cut oats here is what they look like uncooked:

And here they are all cooked up and yummy!

Asher really, really likes them. The first morning we made them he ate three bowls! This morning he was entranced by the big falling snowflakes and enjoyed his breakfast in front of the window.

What's your favorite hot breakfast for chilly fall/winter mornings?


  1. oh boy--we could not do without steel cut oats around here. my kids love it with frozen blueberries mixed in--the hot oats provide just the perfect amount of "melting" for the blueberries!

  2. can't believe you're already getting snow!

    steel cut oats are soooo tasty! we love them. we also love cracked wheat cereal.

  3. I miss you! :) So how are you cooking them...we just bought our first bag a week ago. I heard you can do it in the rice cooker...the dancer is in love with oatmeal...so is the explorer. We eat it a lot, but I want to make steel oats a regular breakfast. luvs!

  4. I like to make a big pot about once a week and then I just reheat them...that way you don't have to wait 30 minutes every morning.

  5. mmmm, your oatmeal looks so good.

  6. We've found if we let the oats soak overnight, they cook up in about ten minutes. We like them with dried cherries and almonds.

  7. love steel cut oats. totally worth the extra time and money. we also like the occasional bowl of cream of wheat or malt-o-meal hot cereal with brown sugar. or if we have left over rice i will sometimes warm it with milk and then add cinnamon and sugar. a little sweet in the morning, but a fun breakfast treat every now and then.

  8. we do these at Jamba. We cook them with water then at the end add some soy milk concentrate. you should try it. FANTASTIC. :)